Air Freight

Shipment by Air / Air Freight

Shipping by air is the fastest and most most efficient way to transport goods domestically & internationally. The trade-off that comes with choosing air freight over ocean freight shipping is that costs are usually much higher. With that said, our expert team can help you find the most effective air freight transportation for your goods at the best rates. We make it a priority to provide you with all the information needed to complete the shipping process flawlessly from start to finish. We’ll assist with preparation of legal documents and we’ll also ensure a speedy delivery of your goods. With service to over 52 countries worldwide, we provide global coverage and faster delivery times than other modes of transport.

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Overview of airline delivery :

Ideal for shipments over 150 pounds and up for less weight check our courier rates.

Worldwide reach with service to over 150 countries worldwide.

Max dimensions per piece are 317 cm long x 241 cm wide x 297 cm tall || 125 in. long x 95 in. wide x 117 in tall (Varies by destination).

Offering both Door to Door and Door to Airport service

Why Choose Express Global Delivery Service for Air Freight forwarding?

We ensure that all of the proper documentation is in order for your shipment to get through customs when importing and/or exporting.

A Tech-Savvy Digital Approach to Processing Your Shipment - Get in touch to learn more about how we’re using technology and automation to make the shipping process as easy and convenient as possible for our clients.

We’re completely rewriting what it means to be a digital freight forwarder. With instant rating and booking based on direct cost calculations for all your logistics requirements.